CDETB Inaugural Review Action Plan 30.1.23

City of Dublin ETB Quality Review Report 2022

CDETB; CDU Institutional Review – Self Evaluational Report Final spreads

Research methodology and ethical considerations

Literature review final document

Abbreviations and Glossary of Terms
Objective 1: Governance and Management of Quality
CDETB Statement of Strategy 2021-2025
FET Development Unit – Video link
Employer Engagement – Video link
Psychological Services, Winstead – Video link
English as Second Language (ESOL) – Video link
Professional Learning and Development (PL&D) – Video link
Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) – Video link
Provider profile – Video link
Professional Learning Network (PLN)/Communities of Practice (COP) – Video link
Quality Assurance Procedures for Colleges of Further Education May 2018
Training Centres Quality Assurance Policies and Procedures (June 2021)
AES and ESP Quality Assurance Polices and Procedures under review
Report PLD Delivery Academic Year 2021 (final draft)
From Patchwork to Network
Coláiste Dhúlaigh and Sample Course Brochure
Fetch Courses
NFQ award level indicators
Colleges of Further Education – Video link
Training Centre Finglas – Video link
Training Centre Ballyfermot – Video link
Adult Education – Video link
Education Services to Prisons – Video link
Youthreach – Video link
Quality Maintenance Enhancement and Assurance; Self-Evaluation, Monitoring and Review Policy and Procedures
Folder of Staff and Learner Feedback
SOLAS PLD strategy
(Admissions to Schools) Act 2018
Learner life cycles
QA policies – Link to Quality Assuring the Assessment Process
QQI Statutory Quality Assurance Guidelines
QQI List of Exemptions
CDETB annual report
COVID 19 CDETB External Appeals Process Handbook 2021
CDETB 2021 Service Plan
CDETB website
CDETB Policies and Procedures
Map of CDETB centres
Quality Assuring Assessment Guidelines for Providers