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Professional Development of CDETB Teachers, Tutors and Trainers



Since 2005/2006 the Curriculum Development Unit has developed and managed a Continuing Professional Development calendar on behalf of CDETB. The calendar is published twice during each academic year (September and January).

Courses and workshops are open to CDETB staff and in most cases are free unless indicated otherwise on the calendar. During the current Covid-19 crisis, we are offering most courses online:

WORD: CDETB CDU PD Calendar Jan-Feb 2021 final

Pdf: CDETB CDU PD Calendar Jan-Feb 2021 final


Previous editions:

WORD: CDETB CDU PD Calendar Nov-Dec 2020 with links

Pdf: CDETB CDU PD Calendar Nov-Dec 2020 with links

WORD: CDETB CDU PD Calendar Sept- Oct 20 with links

Pdf: CDETB CDU PD Calendar Sept- Oct 20 with links

June 2020 PD Sessions CDETB

CDETB CPD Calendar January 2019 updated

CDETB CDU CPD Calendar September 2018

CDETB CPD Calendar January-June 2018

CDETB CPD Calendar Spring 2017

CDETB CPD Calendar Autumn 2016

CDETB CPD Spring 2016

CDETB CPD Calendar Autumn Winter 2015 -2016

CDETB CPD Calendar Winter Spring 2015

CDETB CPD Calendar Autumn Winter 2014 -2015


Induction of Teachers New to CDETB

The Curriculum Development Unit on behalf of CDETB runs an annual scheme wide CPD induction day for teachers that are new to CDETB. The induction day is in addition to induction offered at local school/centre level and in addition to induction that newly qualified teachers (NQT) are required to attend.


Deputy Principals Network

The CDETB Deputy Principals Network was set up during the academic year 2013/14 and supports communication, collaboration, peer support, peer sharing and learning and the professional development of CDETB Deputy Principals.


Promoting Accredited Learning – PAL 

CDETB and CDU together with partners in Northern Ireland (Belfast Met), Lithuania, Poland and Hungary are participating in the PAL project, an Erasmus+ project 2014-2016.
The project is focused on the informal and non-formal peer learning and sharing activities that take place in an organisation amongst staff. Many of these activities go unnoticed and unrecognised as a rich learning resource within organisations. PAL provides a framework that helps practitioners to engage in peer learning and sharing activities. These can be tracked and celebrated through a system of earning CPD credits for participating in and facilitating peer sharing and learning sessions for peers and through achieving targets in a range of CPD areas so that staff can be celebrated as ‘Learning Champions’.

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