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Professional Development of CDETB Teachers, Tutors and Trainers



Since 2005/2006 the Curriculum Development Unit has developed and managed a Continuing Professional Development calendar on behalf of CDETB. The calendar is published twice during each academic year (September and January).

Courses and workshops are open to CDETB staff and in most cases are free unless indicated otherwise on the calendar. During the current Covid-19 crisis, we are offering most courses online:

WORD: CDETB CDU PD Calendar April May 2021

Pdf: CDETB CDU PD Calendar April May 2021


Staff Development Courses

CDETB staff can apply for 3 different Learning and Technology courses. The following excerpt is from the tel4fet website: https://telframework4fet.wordpress.com/programmes/

The tel4fet suite comprises three newly-developed professional development programmes:

Each of these programmes is accredited as a stand-alone special purpose award, situated at a different level of the National Framework of Qualifications. They broadly map to the levels of the TEL Practice Framework for FET. For example, the design of the Level 6 award aims to enable practitioners to develop the knowledge, skills and competence required to make appropriate use of digital technologies and resources to support learning in their practice contexts, and to move from Initial to Developing Level on the Practice Framework.

The three programmes have been specifically designed to meet the professional development needs of FET practitioners at their current level and aims to equip participants with a range of skills, competencies and self-help tools that are: (1) easy to use from a professional perspective (through hands-on activities); and (2) which are directly transferable to the workplace environment. In other words, the objective of each programme is to enable FET practitioners’ technology-enhanced learning engagements to move from ‘best practice’ to ‘normal practice’.

Which programme should I choose? Differentiating between the programmes


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