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CDU Publications

This site lists our available resources in pdf. Should you require print versions please contact the librarian at 01-4989512 or check out the catologue link below (includes an order form). All resources are in PDF format.


Catalogue of Publications in pdf

Catalogue of Publications in WORD

Basic Human Rights and Responsibilities
Second-Level Student Council Resource Pack
Student Council Diary
Student Council Diary - Irish version
Vote: Exploring Democracy, Equality, Participation and Elections
Between the lines - Literacy at Junior Cycle
A Plain English Guide to Citizenship Terms
A Plain English Guide to Political Terms
Palestine and Israel: How will there be a just peace?
Compass: Journal of the Irish Association for Curriculum Development
From Patchwork to Network
Work Experience - Reflective Journal
Rising to the Challenge: A Resource for Teaching Contemporary Issues
Tackling Controversial Issues in the Citizenship Classroom
Changing Perspectives: Cultural Values, Diversity and Equality in Ireland and the Wider World
Exploring Cultural Values in the Community: A Module on Community and Culture for Civic, Social and Political Education
Counted Out – Challenges Poverty & Social Exclusion
Poverty Awareness in the Classroom: A Call to Action
Giving Young People a Voice: Student Councils in Schools
A Human Rights Action Project: Human Rights, Responsibilities and Community
Exploring Interdependence
Log onto Dialogue: A Teaching Resource to Promote Awareness of Conflict/Resolution
Making Human Rights Work: The Promotion and Protection of Human Rights
On Track: A Handbook for Citizenship Education Teachers
Policing Matters: A Citizenship Education Resource on Law and Policing
Working for a Better Life: A Junior Cycle Civic, Social and Political Education (CSPE) Unit exploring Human Rights and Development
Equality & Diversity: Building a Culture of Equality in Our Society; A Citizenship Education Resource for Transition Year and Key Stage 4
Citizenship Studies - A Curricular Proposal for Social and Political Education in the Leaving Certificate (Established)




















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