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Technology Enhanced Learning

ICT/CPD Link Teachers Network

The link teachers are nominated by principals and heads of centres and represent all CDETB schools, colleges and centres. The aim of the network is to promote the integration of ICT and teaching and learning. The network provides a forum for sharing practice and innovation. A typical meeting would involve a balance between a session where attendees share experiences and ideas and a formal input on some area of ICT innovation.


Technology Enhanced Learning Mentors (TELMS)

The aim of the TELMS project 2016-2018 is to address the need for the appropriate use of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) within education provision. The project will support VET staff to embed TEL in the classroom across partner countries.



The key aim of this ERASMUS+ project is for partners to work together to explore how VET providers can develop quality learning results using blended learning and document a process which a VET provider could follow when moving an existing accredited programme to a blended model.










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