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Social Justice Themes within the Curriculum

WorldWise Global Schools (WWGS)

WorldWise Global Schools is an Irish Aid funded development education programme for the post primary sector. WWGS is led by a consortium of the CDETB CDU, Concern Worldwide and Gorta Self Help Africa as lead agency. The project had a €3.3 million budget over three years with €0.6 million directly allocated in grants to post primary schools for 2015/2016. A similar allocation has been provided over the eighteen-month period until the implementation of another multiannual round of funding. The CDU played an important role in the evolution of Development Education in the post primary sector. The CDU is named by Irish Aid as one of three organisations to consult with on development education.


Global Learning project 

The European Commission funded Global Learning Project aims to promote understanding of global interdependence and the causes of global poverty and inequality.  The Project involves NGOs and local education authorities in six European countries, working to influence curriculum in areas such as citizenship education, history, geography and economics.  The six European countries involved in the project are Italy (lead country), Ireland (A Partnership with Africa, in partnership with the Curriculum Development Unit of the City of Dublin Education and Training Board), Austria, Bulgaria, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

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