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Refugee Access Programme

The Refugee Access Programme (RAP)

The Refugee Access Programme (RAP) is a unique education programme in Ireland, preparing newly-arrived Separated Children Seeking Asylum and other young people from refugee backgrounds for mainstream school and life in Ireland – linguistically, socially and culturally.

The programme centres around three core modules: English, Mathematics and Life Skills and incorporates curricular content from Junior Cycle subjects in order to increase the students’ communicative English language ability, while developing literacy and language skills necessary for curricular engagement.

The students are from numerous linguistic, cultural, social, and educational backgrounds; they can join at any point in the academic year and generally spend between 12 – 20 weeks on the programme. The size and level of the class fluctuates constantly. In order to deal with such unpredictability and continuous change the programme must by its very nature be flexible and adjustable.

Working off a competency-based syllabus, teachers employ active and differentiated teaching methodologies to ensure all learners, regardless of English language level, are able to participate.

The Refugee Access Programme is part of the City of Dublin ETB’s (formerly CDVEC) Separated Children’s Service and is co-funded through the Department of Education and Skills and the European Commission under the European Refugee Fund and is supported by the Office for the Promotion of Migrant Integration in the Department of Justice and Equality and Pobal.

Co-ordinator: Jessica Farnan

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