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CDETB Curriculum Development Unit | Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) & Resposible Living
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Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) & Resposible Living

UNITWIN (PERL) Network for Education About Sustainable Lifestyles


Since 2015 the UNESCO CHAIR and UNITWIN (PERL) Network for Education About Sustainable Lifestyles has been building on the work of the Partnership for Education and Research about Responsible Living (PERL) 2003-2009 and the Consumer Citizenship Network (CCN)2009-20015.

 PERL and CCN built up a substantial international network and established cooperation with 140 universities, colleges and international organizations in 50 countries. Cooperation with the majority of these organizations has lasted more than 15 years.

32 members of the network committed themselves through the UNITWIN agreement to continue to cooperate closely with Hedmark University University of Applied Sciences (HUAS).

HAUS is committed to actively developing competence and cooperation which will increase social responsibility and quality education and research nationally, regionally, and internationally. As a part of this process and on the basis of its longstanding engagement in education and research about responsible living, HAUS has established a UNESCO Chair and UNITWIN Program on Education about Sustainable Lifestyles.

Active Teaching and Learning Toolkits

The CDETB Curriculum Development Unit worked closely with CCN and PERL and led the development of active teaching and learning approaches and resources to support sustainable and responsible living in formal, informal and non-formal learning situations. From 2006 to present the Curriculum Development Unit has been a lead author / editor of eight ESD active methodology toolkits. CDU was also an active member of the PERL Steering Committee.

International Advisory Board

In 2015 an international advisory board was convened to coordinate the activities of the UNESCO Chair, the PERL/UNITWIN network, and other related projects. CDU was invited to be a member of the advisory board for the period 2015-2017.


ebook: Global Sustainable Development, a challenge for Consumer Citizens

The International Federation of Home Economics (IFHE) together with the CDU as lead agency have produced an e-book to support international sharing of practice in relation to sustainable development, responsible living and themes linked to the millennium development goals (MDGs). The ebook currently includes 134 contributions from 54 Countries worldwide.


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