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CDETB Curriculum Development Unit | CDU Staff
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CDU Staff


Treasa Brannick O’Cillín, Adult Education Officer – treasa.brannick-ocillin@cdetb.ie




CPD Officer
Carrie Archer – carrie.archer@marino.cdetb.ie


CDETB Youthreach
Bernie Reilly – Co-ordinator bernadette.reilly@youthreach.cdetb.ie


Separated Children
Jessica Farnan – Co-ordinator jessica.farnan@cdu.cdetb.ie


Lorraine Downey – Co-ordinator lorraine.downey@aes.cdetb.ie
John Poole – English Language Support Teacher john.poole@cdu.cdetb.ie


CDETB Further Education Unit
Barbara Galvin – Further Education and Training Development Officer barbara.galvin@cdetb.ie
John Farrelly – Further Education and Training Development Officer john.farrelly@cdetb.ie


Further Education Support Service
Finola Butler – Support Officer finola.butler@cdu.cdetb.ie


Quality Assurance Officers
Louise Fitzpatrick louise.fitzpatrick@cdetb.ie
John Keegan john.keegan@cdetb.ie


Outdoor Education
Ronan Lenihan – Co-ordinator ronan.lenihan@cdu.cdetb.ie
Aine Carroll aine.carroll@cdu.cdetb.ie
Ronan Kane ronan.kane@cdu.cdetb.ie
Gary Rossiter gary.rossiter@cdu.cdetb.ie
Eoin Browne eoin.browne@cdu.cdetb.ie


Colm O’Keeffe – Reception colm.okeeffe@cdu.cdetb.ie
Lisa Hally – Administration lisa.hally@cdu.cdetb.ie
Angela Corcoran – Printroom angela.corcoran@cdu.cdetb.ie
Paulina Adamczak – paulina.adamczak@cdu.cdetb.ie
Adrienne Malone – Housekeeping
Dr. Eva Hornung – Librarian and Web editor eva.hornung@cdu.cdetb.ie

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